Pal Gehlot

Dincharya : My Concious Morning Yogic Routine

As the first rays of dawn gently caress the world, a profound sense of tranquility envelops me. As a yoga instructor, my morning routine is not just a series of tasks to check off but a sacred ritual that nourishes my mind, body, and spirit. In this blog post, I invite you to join me on a personal journey as I share the morning rituals that shape my days, cultivating a sense of inner peace, self-reflection, and holistic well-being.

Why Yoga is Important for Trekkers?

Are you a mountain lover like me? Long trails, snow capped mountains ranges, unseen and untouched landscapes, being able to feel the strong connection with nature and with yourself? I mean who would not love that. But to be able to experience that we need to have a strong foundation, which means a strong and healthy body. Your body will be your guide through this journey.

7 Natural Ways to Detox the body

It is quite a known fact that cleansing is one of the most essential steps towards attaining well-being. We live in a world where germs, pollution, dust and toxic substances co-exist. We inhale them every time we breathe. Processed and packaged foods contain a host of chemicals, trans fats, preservatives and artificial colors which increase harmful free radicals in our bodies. These free radicals are toxins and can cause a host of diseases. Our immune system is constantly working to eliminate these free radicals. Sweating is a natural way of eliminating toxins from the body. Toxins are also flushed out from our body through urine. However these are more natural ways of how our body detoxifies itself.

New Way Of Relaxation: Acupressure Mat

Growing up, I always had a fear of needles, so even the idea of laying on a bed of spikes was intimidating for me. And I tried my best to avoid acupressure sessions as long as I could. Fast forward three years later, after I started yoga, I was looking for a solution for my sore muscles post practice.