Life Lessons That We Can Learn From Plants

Plants are the unsung heroes of our existence. They help us survive by providing oxygen, food, and shelter. They even heal our wounds. Here are seven amazing life lessons plants teach us.

1. Plants Don’t Set Limits for Themselves

A plant wants to grow as much as it possibly can. It never tells itself “I’ll stop growing after I reach a certain height”. 

If we have limiting beliefs about ourselves, it will make us hold back. If we don’t believe in ourselves, how can we expect others to?. Henry Ford once commented that, ‘Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right’. 

While it can be healthy to know your own limitations, it’s also healthy to let go of inhibiting thoughts. You deserve to thrive.

2. Plants Allow Their Struggles to Make Them Stronger

How does a tree respond when it’s left by itself, exposed to the elements? It simply digs its heels in by growing thicker roots and trunks. The result is the tree becomes stronger and more sturdy than one which has been sheltered from stormy weather.

As Napoleon Hill said, ‘Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.’ That’s one of the truest pieces of advice we could hope for.

None of us are immune from challenging times. As we grow older, we experience successes and failures. We can be encouraged, however, that struggles have the potential to make us stronger. By stepping out of our comfort zones, we’ll find we grow stronger.

3. Plants Turn Towards the Sun

Plants do not focus on the weeds and predators around them. Instead, they turn to face the sun. They bathe in its rays as they concentrate on their primary objective: growing.

Winston Churchill famously remarked, ‘You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.’ There’s a lot of truth in that.

While it’s good to be aware of life’s potential pitfalls, it’s important not to get distracted on our journey by things that will only weigh us down.

By turning towards the sun, plants are taking care of themselves. Likewise, it’s important to take care of your health. Just like plants, we need enough nutrients, light, water and oxygen. 

It can also mean cutting back on fast food and practicing good habits. For our mental well-being it’s important that we have a positive outlook on life. It also means surrounding ourselves with people who will build us up.

4. Plants Are Adaptable

Plants possess the ability to adapt to changing seasons and this helps them to thrive. They accept the challenge in front of them and adjust themselves accordingly.

One of life’s inevitabilities is that circumstances change. When we are inflexible, our wellbeing suffers. Peace is often found when we have an open mind. We have to accept there are some things we can’t change. Despite this, we can decide we’re going to carry on enjoying life regardless

5. Plants Add Value to Other People’s Lives

It’s easy to take plants for granted. We’re all guilty of it. But these wonders of nature deserve better. From the oxygen we breathe to the fruits and flowers that make us smile, plants add so much value to our lives.

What are we doing to add value to the lives of those around us? It doesn’t take much to improve someone else’s day. Sometimes, just being there for the people we care about can mean the world to them. 

As we spend time with people and pay attention to their needs, we learn that nobody is perfect. We all have long term and short term struggles in this journey we call life. Helping others adds an extra layer of meaning to our daily lives.

6. Plants Are Happy With Being Themselves

Plants don’t rely on the validation of other plants to be who they are. They are happy with the purpose they’ve been given and they work towards fulfilling that purpose every day.

For many people, recognising their purpose is no easy task. Once we realise our purpose, however, we can go about boldly executing that purpose. There’s great peace to be found in knowing that we’re blooming just the way we should be.

Different plants have different requirements. Some benefit from pruning, some require thinning, some prefer direct sunlight and some don’t mind. As you live your life each day, you can be proud of your uniqueness.

7. Plants Move at Their Own Pace

Plants react to the world around them but they always move at their own pace. Sometimes we want plants to grow faster but ultimately they are the ones who dictate the speed!

We are all unique and have different needs. We cannot please everybody. Some may want you to do things differently or at a different pace but ultimately you need to be true to yourself. Move at a speed that will improve your well-being.

Plants also teach us patience. In order to grow, they require light, water, nutrients and love. Some plants grow slower than others. We need to be patient before we can see results. 

Let’s be thankful for plants and the valuable lessons they teach us. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, plants do us a world of good. So don’t forget to plant more trees and protect them, Mother Nature needs us.

Sending you lots of love and light.

Chat soon xx


  1. Dear Pal I have been regularly visiting your blog and I find your efforts nearly perfect on all aspect. Your…

  2. Dear Pal I have been regularly visiting your blog and I find your efforts nearly perfect on all aspect. Your…

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