Kedarnath Trek 2020 – When my Dream came true

One month of this magical experience has been passed when I saw my dream becoming reality and I still remember every second of it. Kedarnath is just not a shrine for me, it’s something that I cannot describe and only feel it.

 It all started few weeks back when I met in a party and she told me that she is going to Kedarnath with friends and I was so happy to hear that. All my friends have been already and this was the last opportunity for me this year because it was the closing time of temple for 6 months so I decided to go.

 I finished my work and left for the trip. The trip included so many places, temples, and Caves but honestly I was just thrilled to see Kedarnath. I still remember the night before the trek, I couldn’t sleep properly because of the excitement and the situation went worse when we couldn’t find a place to stay in Kedarnath coz of the arrival of some politician and it was super cool up there and we had no place to stay  but I was ready to face any situation. Everyone told me that they are not allowing anyone to go inside the temple for Darshan and you will be able to attend the last Aarti if you arrive before 7 p.m.

 Next day we left around 10 a.m. for the trek, I was beyond happy and excited. It was 18 kilometres in total. Kedarnath Trek is the hardest trek I’ve been so far but the views and energy was worth the trek. I was keep chanting my mantra and listening my fav shiva song back and forth and trekked up to 14 kilometres but after that my energy was completely drained then I sat for a while, It was 5 p.m. already and I said to myself “you’re 4 kilometres away from your dream and you can’t give up right now, you got this “ and I started walking.

I still remember when I was one kilometre away, it started getting darker and there was one light beam coming from the top of the temple flanked by breathtaking snow clad peaks and I stopped for few seconds, tried to figure out if its a dream or reality. I started crying and started running towards it. I don’t know where the energy came from ? I ran and ran and then stopped when I saw the temple right in front of me. I lost myself for few minutes and started crying in happiness, felt like I’ve achieved the biggest goal in my life. There were lights everywhere, Indian Army Soldiers were marching on bands and people were cheering and dancing, it was so perfect.

But I was somewhere else I guess, after a while I came back to present situation and I realised where I am, I saw around and I saw this beautiful temple surrounded by snow-clad peaks. it was so magical and then I decided that I won’t sleep tonight. I was so excited to attend the last Aarti so I asked someone when’s the aarti gonna start?  this guy said, It just finished Because it started early today. you cannot imagine how sad and disappointed I was. I blamed myself for not to make it on time.  I took some rest, had dinner and came back to temple then I heard someone saying that they are gonna open the gates of the temple for Darshan just for one hour from 2-3 in the night and I was beyond happy that at least I can do the Darshan. I took rest for few hours and got back to temple. The rain just stopped so the floor was still wet and the night was super cold. The temperature was around -10°. I bought Prashad and stood in the queue, 

With each step I was going close to my dream and that feeling I won’t be able to describe ever. I finished my Darshan, took the blessing and I came outside and this feeling was something I’ve never felt before. Nothing made me more happier then this feeling. The best night had just began.

Then I set with Sadhus there by the fire, they were chanting bhajan and Mantras. They were telling their old tales about the temple, how they ended up there and then suddenly a snowflake fell on my cheek and I looked up in the sky. It was my first snow fall in this magical moment. This night was getting more exciting and beautiful. 

Then someone told me that there’s gonna be one more Aarti and this one will be the last one. Could this night get anymore better? I felt like it was meant to happen. Then I attended the Aarti,

 I sat around the temple and meditated for a while. I was feeling the energy of this sacred place in my heart and my heart was full of happiness, joy, peace and satisfaction. I walked around the temple and decided to stay there until morning. What I saw, the next morning was beyond beautiful. It was still snowing all night.

When the first light came, I saw around and everything was covered in snow. A local guy told me that after 18 years the snowfall has started on the day of procession. the last procession was about to start, I packed my stuff and with the procession we started walking down. Going down the hill was very hard because it was still snowing. It was slippery and very cold then I met a woman she was a Sadhu and was doing her Sadhna for the last 21 year. I was so amazed when I saw she was walking barefoot. 

 At a point, I slipped and fell down then she gave me her hand and told me walk with her. She also said “I won’t let you fall”. she was the strongest woman I met on this trip. she was an old lady walking barefoot in this cold weather, She shared her life stories. We both were holding each other and didn’t let each other fell. 

During the rush of leaving Kedarnath I Couldn’t Say Goodbye to Kedarnath, so I was a bit sad. coincidentally on our way to Badrinath I saw this procession of Kedarnath going towards ukhimath, where Kedar baba stays for next six months so I guess it was their wish, they gave me this opportunity to say goodbye and finally I said goodbye to him. And I also said this is not a final goodbye and I cannot wait to come back to see you again. 

I read about law of attraction many times, about dreaming something you really want but I never saw it becoming a reality until it happened to me. 

now I can proudly say if you really want you will get it. Just trust your intuitions and your efforts and believe in your heart.

Thank you for reading if you’ve come this far. I am no writer so if I made some mistakes I don’t care haha, if you wanna stay updated with more stories don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter.

See you very soon with another beautiful story 🙂

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