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Yoga teacher, Solo traveller, Life lover
Blogger & adventurer


very open-minded

Yoga with Pal starts the moment you meet her. She is very open-minded and grounded in the moment so the energy just flows. This is perfect when doing yoga exercises because she knows how to direct your body and mind to the posture you are doing to directly come to the recognition of yourself and your body, which brings you in the moment you are always looking for. To be alive and present and to enjoy your life every second. 😊🙏

Sašo volčjak, Slovenia

Very kind

Pal is an amazing and very kind yoga teacher. She is always very professional and knows exactly how to give guidance to each individual based on their experience level.
Recommended course!

Klemen Logan, Slovenia

Wonderful teacher

Pal is a wonderful teacher who is very passionate about yoga. Always pushing herself and her students to be their best while having a good time as well. From her, you will definitely learn well, be challenged, and enjoy your practice.

Tori Garcia, USA

Estando en Rishikesh

Estando en Rishikesh quise probar un nuevo estilo de yoga (ashtanga) y asi llegue a Pal. Por una semana entera y unos dias más, cada mañana nos recibia para ayudarnos a adentrarnos en esta practica interna y nos permitia irnos con una sonrisa en la cara 🙂 Los ejercicios y el tiempo que le dedica hacen que dia a dia se noten esos pequeños pero gigantezcos pasos en cuanto a flexibilidad. Luego de esas clases empece un ttc y la verdad las clases con Pal me cambiaron un infinito 🧡 Gracias Pal por ayudarnos a brillar y a dar lo mejor de nosotros.

Chechu Bergalli, Uruguay

Agradezco mucho

Agradezco mucho a mi maestra pal por darme una gran introducción sobre ashtanga yoga, las clases fueron un excelentes apesar de ser primeriza en esto del yoga me dio mucho apoyo para mejorar los asanas . Pal es un amor y una gran profesional , pura luz capaz de iluminar a cualquiera a su alrededor.

Cecilia Cambré, Mexico

Incroyable professeur

Pal, elle est une incroyable professeur joviale et passionnée. Le yoga fait parti intégrante de sa vie. Elle le vit. Sans aucun doute, elle prendra soin de vous et vous permettra de faire évoluer votre pratique, étape par étape, vers un état profond de relaxation et de bonheur.

Guillaume Parmentier, France

Great teacher

Pal is a yogi by heart and a great teacher, who brings her passion for yoga as well as her profound knowledge into every class. Her cues are very precise and every lesson comes in a well considered sequence. For me the most important thing is her energy and how she deals with it: She can be very calm and light, but also full of fire and high energy – bringing both into class and passing it over to the students. So I feel deeply relaxed and though energised and happy afterwards. I really love practicing with her and highly recommend this beautiful experience to everyone!

Susen Gehle, Switzerland


I’ve really enjoyed Pal’s yoga course. Her classes are very intuitive and full of good practice. The sessions really made me feel good. In addition to the courses she is very open to the practitioners. Her advice is full of common sense. I really appreciate her sense of sharing.I hope to do sessions with her again. And thank you very much for your time.

Cheik baba, South Africa


Thank you for a wonderful yoga course. Pal is a very friendly and supportive teacher. Great guided instruction and a great feeling of relaxation. I totally recommend her course.

Keiko Takaki, Japan


Hola! I attended Pal’s online yoga course. I felt very comfortable and her patience inspired me to follow her lessons. Pal is a good teacher and a nice person. I enjoyed the lessons. Thanks Pal.

Andrés Walker Uribe, Colombia


I have had a good fortune to found Pal’s course. She is gem of a person with deep understanding of indian philosophy and yoga. I have personally benefited from attending her sessions and would attend more. All I can say is that her ability to take you from just the physical aspect of yoga to the journey within is phenomenal and should not be missed. Thank you with Love;)

Narathon Kl, Thailand

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